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Mortgage and Home Equity Payment Options – Wells Fargo


Visit any Wells Fargo branch to make a mortgage payment in person. Home equity payments Pay online. Make payments anytime at Wells Fargo Online ®. If you’re making a payment from another financial institution, be sure to have the account number and routing number for the transferring account available. Not enrolled for Wells Fargo Online ®? Enroll now. Enrolled, …

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage – Welcome


Welcome to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Our your Home Matters ® program provides information and resources to help you manage your home mortgage account and make the most of your new relationship with Wells Fargo. Visit anytime you have a question or concern about your account. We can help you make your payment online, view your account balance and …

FAQ wells fargo mortgage payment

Can I pay my Wells Fargo mortgage online?

Absolutely, and Wells Fargo makes the process a breeze. To pay your Wells Fargo mortgage online you’ll need to enroll in Wells Fargo Online using your Social Security Number and your account number. After your account is set up, you can sign in and select the Wells Fargo account you want to transfer the money from.

How do I make a mortgage payment on a non-Wells Fargo account?

If using a non-Wells Fargo account, you’ll need to first click “Add Non-Wells Fargo Account” and enter the account and routing numbers from the account you’d like to use. Next, choose the mortgage account you want to make a payment on.

Does Wells Fargo offer home loans?

Home Mortgage Loans & Services | Wells Fargo Wells Fargo offers competitive rates and a variety of home loan options – plus we’ll guide you through the mortgage process. Visit Wells Fargo to check rates and use our mortgage calculators!

How do I make payments to my Wells Fargo home equity account?

Send your payments to the address on your monthly statement. Be sure to include your account number. If you don't have your statement handy, find the right payment address here Opens Dialog. You can visit any Wells Fargo branch to make payments to your home equity account or to set up recurring payments.

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