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Conns Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Conns Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. CONN’S, Inc. Conn’s HomePlus. 3295 College Street. Beaumont, TX 77701 USA. Corporate Phone Number: 1-409-832-1696. Customer Service Number: 1-877-358-1252. Conns Credit : 1-800-511-5750. 1-866-765-1513. Product Sales: 1-877-472-5422.

Conns Corporate Office & Headquarters

Conns Corporate Office & Headquarters. Po Box 815867, Dallas TX 75234.

FAQ conns corporate office

Where are Conn's corporate offices located?

UNBELIEVABLE INCOMPETENCE FROM THE SALES PERSON ALL THE WAY UP THE CORPORATE LADDER. FYI. Conn's new corporate offices located in Woodlands, TX. The one in Beaumont is still the corp office. Just because the execs moved......

How do I contact Conns Homeplus?

Conns Corporate Office Headquarters HQ CONN'S, Inc. Conn's HomePlus 3295 College Street Beaumont, TX 77701 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-409-832-1696 Customer Service Number: 1-877-358-1252 Conns Credit : 1-800-511-5750 1-866-765-1513 Product Sales: 1-877-472-5422 Service Contracts: 1-877-472-5358 Jobs: 1-888-614-5627

Is Conns a good company to buy from?

Conns is a very fitting name. Conn Artists Conn's customer service "SUCKS" plain and simple. Do not buy anything from them please (sorry for the sales people they did their job). However, there's no accountability. No one wants to take responsibility when something goes wrong.

Can conn's transfer calls to corporate office?

I asked to be transferred to corporate office and was told they can not transfer calls. the current CEO Norm Miller in his statement on the Conn's website states' "The basic values and culture of the company continues to support Mr. Conn's original goal to make sure "the customer is Number One".

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Norm Miller
Edward Eastham
Beaumont, TX

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